Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How to Store Broccoli

Broccoli is not Indian local vegetables. Many times it is not available in the market easily. If you want to store it in refrigerator as it is, it become yellowish and pale in the refrigerator. So here is a solution..... 
  • Wash the broccoli properly. 
  • Cut it's florets. 
  • Boil water and add 1-2 pinch of soda-bi-carb in it.
  • Then put them directly into a pot of boiling water for a minute.
  • Wash them in the cold water to stop the cooking process and drain.
  • Drain the water properly and squeeze lightly.  Dry them with kitchen towel or spread for some time on kitchen towel to absorb extra water.
  • Place them in plastic freezer containers. Seal and freeze. 
  • You can store them for 2-3 weeks.

See these frozen broccoli after 2 weeks,  they still maintain their colour and texture.
Just thaw them and use. Squeeze lightly if needed. 


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