Thursday, 30 January 2014

Healthy and Easy Spinach Rice (Palak Khichadi)

Healthy and tasty option for dinner..........

हि पाककृती मराठीतून वाचण्यासाठी इथे क्लिक करा.  

  • Rice- 1 cup (Not necessary to use Basmati rice, use your daily used rice. I used here unpolished rice which is more healthy.)
  • Split green gram (Mung Dal)- ½ cup
  • Peanuts- ¼ cup (If you like peanuts, use more upto ½ cup)
  • Spinach, chopped- 3 cups (or 1 small bunch)
  • Onion, chopped- ¾ cup (1 large)
  • Tomatoes, chopped- ½ cup (1 med.)
  • Garlic, crushed or finelly chopped -  6 cloves
  • Mustered seeds- ½ tsp
  • Cumin seeds- ½ tsp
  • Asafetida (Hing)- ¼ tsp
  • Turmeric powder- ½ tsp
  • Chilly powder or Homemade (gharguti) masala- 2 tsp
  • Goda masala- 2 tsp
  • Salt- to taste
  • Oil – 3 tbsp
  • Hot water- approx 2  ½ to 3 cups (depends your rice quality)
  • Frsh coconut, scrapped- ¼ cup (for garnishing)
  • Desi Ghee or Sajuk Tup (Clarified butter) -  as required (optional)

  • Sock peanuts in water for atleast 1 hour. 
  • Separate the spinach leaves from the stem. Wash and chop the leaves. Use the tender stems.
  • Wash rice, mung dal  properly, drain and keep aside.
  • Heat oil in a casserole. Add mustered seeds. When they will start pooped,  add cumin seeds, garlic and onion. 
  • When onion turns pink, add turmeric powder, hing, chilly powder and sauté for a while. 
  • Add tomato, spinach, groundnuts and goda masala. Sauté for a minute. 
  • Add rice and dal. Add hot water as required. Cover and cook simmer for 15 to 20 minutes or till cooked. You can also make  this rice in pressure cooker. 
  • Before serving, if you like, add some ghee on rice.
  • Garnish with grated coconut. Serve hot with any type of salad and papad.

Tip: You can use any other leafy vegetable like Methi (Fenugreek) etc.

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