Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Orange Marmalade

Fresh citrus taste, the bittersweet bite of rind of homemade orange marmalade.
So easy to make!

  • Oranges – 3 
  • Water – 1½ cups 
  • Sugar – 1½ cups 

  • Wash the oranges well.
  • Peel the oranges, discard the pith (inner white part including white threads etc). Wash your hands. (Read in the notes.) 
  • Separate the wedges. Remove the inner cover and seeds.
  • Now only retains the fleshy part/pulp. This pulp collect in a bowl. 
  • Shred the rind. Wash the rinds and pat dry. Wash your hands also.(Use the rind of a single orange only/¼ cup or less than/approx 2 tbsp. Some recipes use more, but it makes the marmalade too bitter.) 
  • In a thick-bottomed pan, add the pulp+juice of oranges, the rind shreds, along with 1½ cups of water. 
  • Bring to a rolling boil, stirring regularly. Set to simmer.
  • After 30 minutes of cooking on low heat, stir in a cup of sugar till it dissolves. Continue to simmer till the marmalade has thickened. This will take another 20 mins or so.
  • You need not watch over the pan too carefully while it cooks. 
  • Stir continuously at this stage. Cook till mixture reached to gel point.
  • The marmalade is ready, you will get a solid un-spreadable jam.
  • Let it cool. Pour into clean and dry ceramic or glass jar.  Refrigerate.
  • Enjoy homemade orange marmalade over hot toast or cake. 

How to check Gel Point: 
Take glass full of water. When mixture gets thicken, pour a drop of hot marmalade in the glass. If this drop dissolved in the water, then you should cook sometime more this mixture.
If this drop settled down in the glass without dissolving in the water, the marmalade should show signs of gelling.... means jam is ready.

  • Oranges should be sour and fresh.
  • I mentioned in method "Wash hands". The white part/ pith of orange is too bitter. When we touch this, the bitter juice spread on our hands, it makes the marmalade too bitter.
  • Make sure that your jar or bottle is thoroughly clean and dry. This will help the marmalade stay good longer. 

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