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Karvand /Karonda Chutney

Did you have seen the small and black color berries? These reddish black color, sweet and sour berries arrives in the Summer. They are black from outside and vibrant red flesh inside. These berries known as 'Carissa conjesta'. They are locally called as 'Karvand' or 'Karonda'. There are thorny bushes of Karonda found along roadside and the mountains area. These ripened fruits are hand picked easily from the tree and eaten as it is. Raw green fruits are used for chutney and pickle.
So let's do tasty chutney.........


  • Scraped fresh coconut - ¼ cup
  • Karvand /Karonda - ¼ cup 
  • Green chilies- 2 to 3
  • Garlic- 2 cloves
  • Ginger- ¼ inch piece
  • Chopped fresh coriander- 2 tbsp
  • Sugar- a pinch
  • Salt-to taste
  • Water- as required (about 2 tbsp)


  • Roast the chillies directly on the flame. 
  • If these fruits are big, cut into half and remove seeds.
  • Combine all above ingredients and grind into paste.
  • Serve it as an accompaniment with the main course.
  • This chutney goes well with the dosa, ghavan also.
  • Adjust the green chilies and sugar according to your taste.


  • For good taste, use fresh ingredients specially coconut, do not use frozen.
  • You can use raw mango instead of karonda. 
  • Both are equally good taste wise. Both are available in summer.
करवंद चटणी
  • खोवलेला ताजा नारळ - १/४  कप
  • कच्ची करवंदे - १/४  कप
  • हिरव्या मिरच्या- २
  • लसूण पाकळ्या- २
  • आले- १/४  इंच तुकडा
  • चिरलेली ताजी कोथिंबीर - २ टेबलस्पून
  • साखर- एक चिमूटभर
  • मीठ- चवीनुसार
  • पाणी- आवश्यकतेनुसार 
  • गॅसवर मिरच्या थोड्याश्या भाजून घ्याव्यात. (नाही भाजल्या तरी चालतील पण भाजल्यामुळे चटणीला खमंगपणा येतो. )  
  • वरील सर्व साहित्य एकत्र करा आणि वाटून घ्या. (पाट्यावर वाटलेली चटणी फारच मस्त लागते.)  
  • चटणी तयार, काश्याबारोबारही खा……… 
  • चटणीला चांगली चव हवी असेल तर फ्रोझन खोबरे वापरू नका, ताजे साहित्य वापरा.
  • करवंदा ऐवजी कैरी वापरून पण अशीच चटणी करता येते. 
  • दोन्ही फळे उन्हाळ्यात उपलब्ध असतात. पण दोन्ही चटणीची चव वेगळी लागते. 

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