Monday, 14 September 2015

Difference Between Grated & Scraped Fresh Coconut

Konkani/Malwani cuisine uses coconut liberally in various forms such as scraped, dry grated, fried, coconut paste and coconut milk. The use of coconut in the food is giving Konkani cuisine a characteristic taste.
I have mentioned about scraped coconut in my recipes. Many people ask me about scraped coconut. Today I am showing difference between grated coconut and scraped coconut.

I have traditional tools for grating and scrapping coconut.

# Grater
This tool is known as 'Khisani/खिसणी ' in Marathi. It is used for grating fresh coconut as well as dried coconut.
You can grate anything from this tool such as carrot, gourd, cucumber etc.

 # Scraper

The tool has sharp zigzag edges that helps in scraping the coconut.

# Traditional scrapper and cutter
This tool is known as 'Vili/विळी ' or 'Morali/मोरळी ' in Marathi.
The front part of Villi is used for scraping and other part with sharp edge is a cutter.

We hold the coconut in an angle against the zigzag sharp edges and move the coconut up and down the sharp edges. We can seat on this attached wooden board and could cut or scrap. 

Nowadays some food processors include coconut scraper. But this is not good option. I never use this but my friend had told me that hands vibrate more.

How to store fresh coconut:
  • I usually scrap two coconut at a time. I consume this in 8-10 days. I store scraped coconut in a plastic container and keep in a deep freezer. They lasts for 1-2 months in good condition.. 
  • Whenever you want to use, put out from freezer before 15-20 minutes. Or thaw in microwave.
  • Whenever you are going to use frozen coconut for masala paste or chutney, don't forget to use warm water for grinding. Otherwise you can't get proper texture and taste. 

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