Sunday, 23 August 2015

Puri ~ Indian Fried Wheat Puffed Bread

Puri is popular fried Indian bread which goes with everything, sweet or spicy curry.


  • Wheat flour -1 cup
  • Fine Semolina (barik rawa) -1 tbsp (optional)
  • Salt- a pinch
  • Hot oil/mohan- 1 tbsp (optional)
  • Water- approx ½ cup (some less more as needed)
  • Oil for deep frying- as required 
  • Wheat flour for rolling- as required 

  • Combine wheat flour, rawa and salt in bowl or big plate. Pour hot oil on it and mix with spoon.
  • Add water little by little as needed and knead a firm dough. It should be stiff than roti/chapati dough. 
  • Take  little oil on your palm and knead the pliable dough.
  • Allow to rest this dough for 30 min to 1 hour.
  • Knead again and divide the dough in small (around 10-12) equal parts. Make small balls. Roll the dough balls into six inch circles. 
  • Or roll big circle like chapati. Cut puri with 5-6 inch round cutter or steel bowl or round container lid. 
  • Meanwhile heat oil in kadhai. To check the right temperature of oil put a small piece of dough. It will float on top immediately, it means oil ready for frying.
  • Now drop puri in oil, puri comes on top. Slightly press the puri with slotted ladle/zara. Thus puri puffs up nicely.
  • Turn the puri and fry until golden yellow. Drain excess oil. Place puri on paper towel.
  • Repeat the process for the remaining dough.
  • Serve hot with potato bhaji or shrikhand or Aamras or any as your choice.

  • Do not use extra flour for rolling. This flour burns in hot oil. 
  • Puri should be not thin nor thick. It should be medium.
  • While frying oil should be hot enough, otherwise the puris will not puff and will be oily.
  • If you are using semolina/rawa in puri dough, then only rest the dough for 1 hour otherwise rest the dough for 20-30 minutes.  

I had made this lunch for 'Gudi Padwa'. For recipe, plz click on recipe name.

  1. Masalebhat
  2. Khamang kakdi
  3. Kanda bhajee
  4. Batatyachi bhaji
  5. Shrikhand
  6. Puri
  7. Kurdai

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