Saturday, 23 May 2015

Sukatichi Chutney ~ Dried Tiny Prawns or Shrimps Chutney

Until now, you have eaten different types. But this chutney is totally different. It's tasty, spicy, fishy. Try once....

हि पाककृती मराठीतून वाचण्यासाठी इथे क्लिक करा.  



  • Clean, sift and discard any impurities like stone or any unwanted fish. Do not wash. (dried prawns should be fresh, white and clean.) 
  • Dry roast in a deep tawa or wok till they change their colour and become slightly reddish. Also you can feel its roasted aroma. 
  • Combine all mentioned ingredients with roasted dried prawns and grind. 
  • Serve with nachani (finger millet) or rice bhakari. 
  • Do not store in a refrigerator also. 

You can use grated dry coconut instead of fresh coconut. Avoid water and tamarind pulp, if you want store. Add tamarind pulp while serving.

Recipe Idea: My FB group member- Rubina Shaikh


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mahek Kulkarni said...

We call this dish as sungtachi kismur.. so yum
we have it with solkadi rice too.. try it

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