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Maharastrian Fish Curry - Ratnagiri Style (Papletache kalvan)

My grandma's native place is "Harne"......the beautiful village in Ratnagiri district (Maharashtra). This is a coastal area. ..... lots of fish, coconut, mango, jackfruit and many more.
My grandma and mom are used to make a fish curry like this style. I love this style. This curry is different & easy from Malwani fish curry & Goan fish curry. Try this, I am sure you never forget this taste.

  • Pomfret fish or any fish- 5-6 pieces/steaks (You can use any other fish like Ravas, Halwa/Black pomfret, Ghol, Surmai/King fish etc) 
  • Scraped or grated fresh coconut- ¾ cup to 1 cup (depends upoun quantity of curry) 
  • Garlic- 8 to 10 cloves (plz do not use ginger) 
  • Turmeric powder- ½ tsp 
  • Coriander seeds- ½ to 1 tsp 
  • Asafetida (Hing)- ¼ tsp 
  • Kokani masala/ our homemade masala or Malwani masala or Sunday masala – 3 to 4 tsp (as per your taste) 
  • Dried Kokum petals -3 to 5 
  • Fresh coriander, finely chopped- 2 tbsp 
  • Green chilies, cut into 2 pieces -2 
  • Salt- to taste 
  • Oil- 4 tbsp 
  • Water- as required 

Wash the fish pieces. Take wok or pan (do not keep on flame), combine masala powder, turmeric powder, hing, salt, chopped coriander, chili, kokum and oil. Mix well with hand.

Mix and rub this masala on fish with soft hand, marinate fish in this masala for min. 15 to 30 minutes.

Combine scraped fresh coconut, coriander seeds, garlic in a grinding jar. Add some water. (Add hot water if you used frozen coconut otherwise you don't get right texture and taste.) 
Grind into fine paste. (Plz do not use ginger for this curry, you can not get original authentic taste.)

Add this coconut paste in this same pan and some water to adjust a consistency of curry as per personal choice. Mix well.

Cover and cook on low heat for 15 minutes. But alert, do not overcook. Serve with soft hand. Serve hot with chapatti or rice bhakari/roti or hot rice.

Tip: Malwani masala and Sunday masala easily available in the market or in Indian stores.

पापलेटचे कालवण (रत्नागिरी पद्धतीचे )

  • पापलेटचे तुकडे- ५ ते ६ (दुसरे मासे वापरले तरी चालतील जसे हलवा, घोळ, सुरमई, रावस)
  • खोवलेलं ओलं खोबर- ३/४ ते १ कप (ज्या प्रमाणात तुम्हाला रस्सा ठेवायचा आहे)
  • लसुण  पाकळ्या- ८ ते १० (कृपया या कालवणासाठी 'आले' अजिबात वापरू नये)
  • धणे - १/२ टीस्पून
  • हळद- १/२ टीस्पून
  • हिंग- १/४  टीस्पून
  • घरगुती मसाला / मालवणी मसाला / संडे मसाला - २ ते ४ टीस्पून (किंवा तुमच्या आवडीप्रमाणे)
  • कोकम पाकळ्या- ४ ते ५  किंव्हा चिंचेचा घट्ट कोळ - १ टीस्पून (पण आम्ही कोकमच वापरतो)
  • बारीक चिरलेली कोथिंबीर - २ टेबलस्पून
  • हिरव्या मिरच्या, दोन भाग करून - २ ते ३
  • मीठ चवीप्रमाणे
  • तेल- ४ टेबलस्पून
  • पाणी- आवश्यकतेनुसार

  • एका पॅनमध्ये  स्वच्छ  धुतलेले पापलेटचे तुकडे, हळद, हिंग, मसाला, मिरच्यांचे तुकडे, कोथिंबीर, कोकम, मीठ आणि तेल घ्या.  सर्व मसाला एकत्र करा आणि हलक्या हाताने माश्यावर चोळा. १५  ते २० मिनिटे मसाल्यात चांगले मुरु द्या.
  • खोवलेल खोबर, लसुण, धणे आणि जरुरीनुसार पाणी घालून मिक्सरवर बारीक वाटा. (कृपया या कालवणासाठी 'आले' अजिबात वापरू नये, खरी चव मिळणार नाही. कोकणी पद्धतीच्या कुठल्याही माश्यांच्या कालवणासाठी आले वापरत नाहीत अपवाद फक्त कोलंबी आणि खेकडे.)  
  • फ्रीझर मधले खोबरे असल्यास वाटणासाठी गरम पाणी वापरा. नाहीतर चव आणि टेक्चर बदलते. 
  • हे खोबऱ्याचे  वाटण आणि जरुरीनुसार पाणी घालावे.  (ज्या प्रमाणात तुम्हाला रस्सा ठेवायचा आहे.) व्यवस्थित एकत्र करा.
  • झाकण लाऊन मंद आचेवर १५-२० मिनिटे शिजवा.
  • जास्त शिजऊ  नका. जोरजोराने ढवळू नका. माश्याचे तुकडे मोडतात. हलक्या हाताने वाढा.
  • गरमागरम भातासोबत किंव्हा तांदळाच्या भाकरी सोबत वाढा.


Shady West Side said...

Where can you get Kokam in sg ?

Unknown said...

Best Recipe. I loved it. Thanks for sharing the wonderful recipe with us. Spices Online

Unknown said...

Hi..very nice blog post. Undoubtedly, Ratnagiri is a foodie's delight for the authentic Konkan cuisine that is available here. Also, check out various places to visit in Ratnagiri.

Unknown said...

Hi Purva,

A big fan of you, absolutely love your konkani/malvani recipes a lot. This paplet kalvan style is very similar to what my aaji and mamma cook. I used to wonder why they mix like this and then add gravy but their fish gravy used to always turn out lip smacking. Thanks for posting this, I will definitely try it.

Purva Sawant said...

Thanks Priti !

Unknown said...

Tried the recipe yesterday and it was superb! Magical for me, as it reminded me of my late aaji..
God bless you Purva, thank you so much again, I can't tell you in words what it felt like when it tasted exactly like my aaji...

Purva Sawant said...

Thanks for your feedback. I am really glad that you satisfied.

Unknown said...

Cooked this recipe tonight. Really delicious. My husband who is not a big seafood eater absolutely loved it. Look forward to having more such traditional recipes from you! Thanks for sharing.

Purva Sawant said...

Thanks for your feedback.

My-Cosmos said...

This recipe is a keeper! It was so good and flavour full. My family relished the cuisine. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

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