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Types Of Dried/ Dry Fish & Dried Shrimp And Recipes

Sun-dried Fish:
In rainy season, fresh fish is not available. When you can't able to go to market & you want to eat fish, then the dried fish is very good option. This dried fish also very tasty. Smell of dry fish is somehow nasty but its taste is awesome.
In India fish & prawns dry in strong sun mostly in summer (Feb to May).
Every year we buy this in summer.
Buy whitish and glossy fish. Do not buy yellowish or blackish dry fish.
There is various types of dried fish available in market. There are two ways to dry the fish in India.

  1. Dried fish without salt Mostly little fish and prawns are dried without salt.  Dried prawns/shrimp(Sode), Dried tiny prawns (sukat/suka jawala), Dried white Small prawns (aambadi sukat/suki karandi), Dried Bombay duck (suke bombil) etc. are available in this category.                                                                                                                    
  2. Salted dried fish- Mostly big fish are dried with salt. They are cut, removed their inner parts and rubbed with lots of salt. Then dried them. Dried Mackerel (Bangda), Dried King fish (Surmai) etc. are available in this category

How to store dried fish?
  • Pick the impurities like stone or any useless fish. Clean them by sieving (चाळून) and winnowing (पाखडून).
  • Dry in sun again for 2 to 5 days if necessary.
  • Store the dried fish in the airtight jar. You may pack tightly in plastic bag. Keep the jar at dry place away from moisture. That way you can control it's smell also. 
  • Also protect them from ants, do provision for this.
  • Even check and sundry them occasionally to protect from worms and moist.
  • Handle with dry hands.

How to use for cooking? 
  • Pick the impurities like stone or any useless fish. 
  • Wash properly & soak in regular temperature of water for 15 minutes. 
  • Squeeze them and use.

Dried Tiny Shrimps/Prawns (Sukat/Sukha javala/Sukha kolim) -सुकट/सुका जवळा

Drying Process:


Dried small white transparent Shrimps/Prawns (Sukhi aambad/sukhi karandi) अंबाड/करंदी - Before using,  remove it’s head, legs & tail.

Dried Red or Black Prawns/Shrimps (Sode) सोडे - They are very tasty. They are used in many dishes. Latest rate of this dried prawns is Rs. 1500 to 2000/ kg*.  Thus you can understand its popularity in our Kokan region.

Drying Process: Best quality of dried prawns (sode) are available in my native place (Murud-Janjira). They are costly because of their drying method. Fishermans do not dried as it is means with peels. First they peel them, then stick on wooden board or basket etc. and dry them. Thus they are properly dried. 

Bombayduck (Bombil) बोंबील :

Drying Process:

Indian Small Anchovy (Khade/Tingali) खाडे/टिंगळी : This small silver fish is 5 to 7 cm in length. Actually I don't know what they called exactly in English.

Indian Golden Anchovy (Mandeli) मांदेळी :


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In this blog, the writer has discussed in detail about the varieties of prawns available in the local market or the online seafood suppliers. All the identifying characteristics of these prawns and their qualities are also mentioned with all details, to help the readers in choosing the best quality prawns, whenever they buy seafood.

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