Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ghavan (Instant Plain Rice Dosa)

This 'Ghavan' is the popular breakfast in our "Kokan". Ghavan is  a soft, netted rice pancake.  They are made by two ways. I am giving here instant method. It is look like Neer dosa but it’s different from  Neer  dosa.

  • Rice flour (coarsely grinded)- 1 cup (not too fine and not too coarse like rawa, the flour texture should be like bhajani flour.)
  • Water - 1+1/4 cups (may need some less –more, adjust the consistency) 
  • Salt- one pinch
  • Oil or ghee- as required
Note:Wash thick rice and dry in shadow and then grind. Thus you can make more soft Ghavane. Use fresh flour, otherwise ghavan brakes during preparing.  

Mix rice flour, water and salt in a bowl. Beat  well and make the batter lump free.

Heat a nonstick dosa-pan. 
Once pan is hot, drizzle or spray  few drops of oil.
Making method is apart from dosa. Pour the batter circular, side of pan to middle of pan. 
Dosa should be thin but not too thin. Pour little oil at all sides of dosa.

Cover and cook for 2-3 minutes or till all sides start leaving edges, turn (flip) it and let it cook for another 1 minute . Do not make it crispy like dosa.

Ghavan is ready. Serve hot with green coconut chutney or potato fry subji.
We eat this 'ghavan' with jaggery and ghee in the breakfast. It rocks......
It serves with mutton curry or chicken curry also. For vegetarians, it serves with Kala vatana rassa or Kala chana rassa. Actually it goes well with ant type of veggies like chapati.

  • You can add 1 pinch of fenugreek powder in it. It enhances flavour.
  • It is plain ghavan, but we can make it spicy ghavan or 'dhirade' also. 

Sweet Dish Version:
  • In our “Kokan” region, this ghavan serve with Ghatala/ Gulavanee. Ghatala/ Gulavanee is one of the sweet dish which is made from jaggery and coconut milk. I”ll give this recipe later.
  • Even this ghavan stuff with “Chav” means Modaka’s stuffing.  
  • For sweet version, You can add 1 tbsp of jaggry in this batter also. 
  • When you want to serve this ghavana with sweet dish, you can use milk or coconut milk and ghee instead of water and oil, for better and authentic taste.


Unknown said...

i love you traditional delectable recipes Purva....just yummmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

I shall surely try this, thanks :) I will let you know later....

Reshma said...

I am from Goa we have similar recipes only the names are different.

Divine Spark said...

how long does ghaavan batter last in fridge?

Purva Sawant said...

2-3 days

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