Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Palak Raita ~ Spinach Salad

Palak Raita is very healthy. It’s full of iron, calcium, proteins and fiber. Bowl of this salad/raita fulfills your appetite.

  • Fresh and tender spinach leaves, shredded or finely chopped- ½ cup
  • Green chilies, chopped- 1 tsp or Red chilli powder- ½ tsp
  • Dates, chopped- 3 to 4
  • Roasted almonds, finely chopped- 2 tbsp
  • Curd (plain yogert)- ¾ cup
  • Chat masala- ½ tsp
  • Salt or black salt- to taste

  • Wash spinach leaves. (Don’t use big, thick, rough leaves. Don't use steams.) 
  • Remove the seeds of dates and cut them into small pieces.
  • Chop or crush coarsely almonds. 
  • Combine curd, chili powder, chat masala and salt in a bowl. Bit well.
  • Add almonds, dates and chopped spinach. Mix well. 
  • Eat it as raita in a meal or in a snack.

  • If you don't like raw spinach, use blanched spinach.
  • You can use green chilli instead of chili powder. (Cut chilies into enough small pieces that you can remove later. If you like to eat spicy, use chili crush.)
  • You can use roasted cumin powder instead of chat masala.
  • You can add tadaka in this raita
  • You can add black pepper.

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